Impacting Timely News


In early 2015, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) learned that one of its dear friends and patients, a national celebrity, was writing a book about his cancer that would be published in the spring, and that the MMRF would be part of the story. At the same time, the MMRF had been working with three major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies whose multiple myeloma (MM) drugs were scheduled to be approved by the FDA later in the year. It was clear that this was a turning point for MM, and the MMRF needed to be at the center of what was sure to become a media frenzy. Importantly, all parties agreed that leveraging this timely news and inclusion in any story must be done with the highest integrity. That’s when Continuum got involved.


With its long-standing relationship with the nonprofit, Continuum was brought in as a strategic advisor to ensure all activities surrounding the book and drug launches were aligned with MMRF’s corporate goals. During the six-month campaign, we managed their agency partners and ensured that relationships with the celebrity and pharmaceutical partners were harmonious at all times. In partnership, we commandeered a variety of opportunities including television and print interviews, national op-eds in Forbes and Fortune, inclusion in pharmaceutical company news releases, and content generation for online presence.


  • 2.2 million+ impressions based on 12 original articles in top-tier and trade media
  • 128 million+ reached via press releases
  • 800+ new followers for the MMRF on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • 1600 social media mentions during this time, second highest ever for the MMRF during a two-week period